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Be in the show:

Indulge in the ultimate dining experience with THE ART OF DINING, a captivating show that inspires viewers to venture out, dine, and savor every moment. Brimming with delectable cuisine, top-notch chefs, and compelling narratives, our aim is to ignite the urge within viewers to exclaim, "I need to visit!" With captivating tales, tantalizing dishes, welcoming ambiance, and exceptional service, we invite you to showcase your establishment. Join us as we spotlight the finest eateries from coast to coast, ensuring every place in between receives its well-deserved recognition.


You'll welcome to sign up if you're:

  • Fine Dining

  • Causal Dining

  • Virtual Restaurants

  • Fast Food

  • Food Truck, cart or stand

  • Cafe

  • Buffet

  • Pub

  • Cafeteria

  • Coffee house serving food

  • Diner

  • Pop-Up Restaurant

  • Bistro

  • Dine in Theater

  • Bar with food

  • Arcade or Bowling alley with food


Guess what? We've teamed up with an incredible network of verified INFLUENCERS for our series! Picture this: they'll be dropping by your shop, store, restaurant, or town to interview you on camera! Can you feel the excitement? And since they're local, they'll shout about it on their social platforms, driving all that local traffic straight to you. But wait, there's more! We'll take your segment and blast it across every platform imaginable on our LIVE CHANNEL, THE ART OF DNING as seen on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, iOS App, Google App, and the Bee TV app. So join us, it's affordable, fun and created to bring you business!

Food Photography

You Get:


An Influencer Host

You'll be interviewed by verified Influencer who will bring a fresh perspective, trendy appeal, and authentic engagement to your place boosting not only your social presence, but driving local traffic and offering valuable exposure to a younger demographic. Their posts about you will enhance your visibility and image in your local community.



Join a captivating TV show that leaves viewers craving more! Your segment will allure diners from near and far to visit your restaurant, while your presence will be prominently featured on all major streaming platforms, guaranteeing continuous visibility. Catch your spotlight on LIVE TV on Bee TV, accessible on platforms such as Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, iOS App, Android App, and Web App.


Video Production

Enjoy complimentary video production services! Our team will visit your business location and efficiently capture stunning footage of you being interviewed by the Influencer. As a result, you'll experience an effortless, enjoyable, and swift process, resulting in remarkable visuals guaranteed to enhance your brand image.


Storytelling Options

You have the option to feature your production either as a comprehensive run-of-show segment showcasing your entire establishment (a 2-minute narrative) or as part of our Chef's Special Section (a 15-second spotlight on your chef's signature dish) -- all at the same price.


Affordable Cost

At just $285 per month, everyone can take part. Our pricing stands unrivaled, making it an effortless decision for anyone seeking affordability and accessibility. While most OTT/CTV special advertorial rates soar into the thousands monthly, we strive to offer a budget-friendly solution with lots of advantages.


PR & Marketing 

Your participation in THE ART OF DINING is a PR/Marketing dream come true. Not only are you covering the local market but the national market too -- with word of mouth (the best form of marketing there is) and VIDEO.  You can't lose.  In addition, we'll provide you with a certificate proclaiming "As seen on Bee TV's The Art of Dining." Utilize it everywhere to boost your PR and marketing campaigns.

Example of
Chef Special Segment

See example of a run-of-show segment at the top.  You have the option to choose which type of segment you want to broadcast in the show.

(all inclusive and unbeatable)

At just $285 a month for the run of the show (15 months), our package is a steal. You get:

  • the reach of television 

  • impact of influencers

  • credibility of testimonials

  • and professionalism of video production


With THE ART OF DINING, your brand gains exposure like never before, making this investment invaluable for your business's growth.

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