As we launch Bee TV Network on the top four streaming platforms, we're excited to give indie producers, actors, and directors a chance to stream their work on the same platforms like Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix.  Our NEW Network boasts several channels targeted for success.
  1. BEE TV INSPIRE - Motivational TV filled with Do-Good Stories, Ted-like Talks, and movies that touch the heart.
  2. TRAVEL EAT DESIGN - For those who love life! Featuring the best cooks, designers, and travel enthusiasts. (In development.)
  3. BeeFreeMeTV TEENS - Teen programming created for, and in most part, by Teens.
  4. INFLUENTIAL TV - The World of Influencers - whom to watch, follow, fan, and fav!
  5. SPLASH'M  (Millennial TV) - Shows created for, and in most part, by Millennials.
  6. THATAGIRL TV - Shows created for, and in most part, by women.
  7. MOSAICON TV - International movies, short films, and documentaries that make up a "Mosaic" television experience.
  8. MARSAILLE - Teenager, Marsaille, lives her best life. 
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