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Streaming TV has quickly become the home to a growing and actively engaged audience. They’re a generation of viewers who pay a lot of attention to what they’re watching—watching twice as many hours of content each day. And as a small business, you are a brand—and when you think like a big brand, you can optimize your campaign for similar success.  With Bee TV and it's partnerships, you can get a high-quality video ad produced and showcase it on our Bee TV Network +  many other streaming platforms like Hulu and Lifetime.

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Whether you're building a branding campaign to spread your message and gain trust or needing to promote a sale fast, we have a solution that provides you with value from production to distribution.

National Campaign

Your commercial seen on BEE TV NETWORK (hosted on Amazon FireTV, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, IOS and Google Play Apps) + Hulu.

$9,995 total - Production + Distribution

$1000 Discount until October 1st


1/2 deposit; 1/2 balance.

Local Campaign

Your commercial seen on Bee TV Network and within 10 miles of your business on channels like TLC, CNN, Llifetime and SPIN.*

$6995 total - Production + Distribution

$1000 Discount until Sept 1st


1/2 deposit; 1/2 balance.


Favorite networks where you ad may be seen.

Frequently asked questions

What is an ad?

An Ad refers to the actual advertising content, in this case a video Ad.

What kind of ads can I use?

Currently, Hulu supports video Ads between 15-30 seconds in length, one per campaign as do our local cable partners. But, additionally, BEE TV supports 1:00 video Ads. If you're interested in a longer formatted ads, sponsorships or TV show, the length will vary.

What formats may I use?

You can submit video Ads in MP4 or MOV format.

What are the technical requirements?

Ads must be in HD, have stereo sound, follow these tech specs: Dimensions Preferred: 1920x1080 Accepted: 1280x720; Display Aspect Ratios16:9

What is included in my cost?

Pre-production including (if needed) scripting, productiono, editing and distribution. (From idea to the Big Screen).

What if I already have a commercial I want to use, can I?

Yes, but we will need to review it to make certain it meets the requirements and standards of Bee TV and other streaming networks where your ad might appear. So, you may take $1000 off the total fee and pay only for the distribution. Email for an invoice. But, also check out for Special Section and longer-term options.

What forms of payment do you take?

With a credit card or debit card.

How will you videotape me under Covid?

If cities shut down again, we will videotape your virtually. If your city doesn't shut down, we will send a crew of 1-2 persons to videotape you at your business. (This expense is not included in your fee unless we're able to locate crew members within your area. If not, you'll be responsible for 1 airline ticket and 1 double occupancy room) or you can travel to Los Angeles to shoot here.

What options are available to reach my audience?

Our partners offers targeting by gender, age, location, interests, and show genre as well as you can narrow down your audience by state, DMA (designated marketing area), city, ZIP code, or any combination of these.. Your campaign will run pre-roll throughout the Bee TV Network.

Will I have access to any reports about my campaign?

Yes. We provide reports on the status and progress of each of your campaigns once it's complete.

How is the fee paid.

1/2 upon signing up. 1/2 30 days later when we have completed your production.

When will our campaign start?

You tell us what's best for you.

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