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Join our Expert Community and Create Coaching, Self-help, Motivational and Commentary Videos to bee seen by Streaming TV Viewers!

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    On BeeTVFlix

    Add your expert advice "on video" to give TV viewers a new perspective on current topics, issues and films. (Allows you membership into the Pro VIP community.)

    $99 Down + $49.00 month


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    On BeeTVFlix's Expert Corner

    You would like to be apart of the Expert's Corner and be branded with other high profile speakers. (Allows you membership into both the Pro VIP and Pro Banded Communities.)

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    On BeeTVFlix's Lifestyle Channel

    You desire to have your own TV channel branded with your name, presentations and videos where you can control your image, fame and influence. (Allows you 1 Channel + 50 TV shows).

    $399 Down + $199.00 month




    On BeeTVFlix

    You sell beauty, health and wellness products through a  MLM or your own store and you want a way to reach and international audience. (Allows you to air an infomercial like show for 12 months.)  

    $99 Down + $129.00 month


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