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A LIFE Speaker is a seasoned professional who imparts positivity and inspiration to enrich the lives of those they engage with. They excel in delivering content that is both motivating and educational, drawing upon their wealth of experience and expertise to communicate effectively and empower others to reach their full potential.

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Life Speakers is an agency committed to empowering individuals in all facets of their lives.

As a LIFE Speaker, you are becoming a part of a new agency dedicated to showcasing your talents to a worldwide audience, both virtually and in person. Regardless of your chosen subject matter, our mission at LIFE SPEAKERS is to endorse you as a speaker to any organization, group, church, convention, corporation, or nonprofit seeking to effect positive change in their staff, members, or constituents.

While we welcome speakers from all professional backgrounds, we emphasize that everyone within our agency must share the common goal of "Inspiring the Best" in others. Whether addressing real estate executives or human services managers, we require you to consistently inspire your audience to reach their highest potential.

Benefits of Joining

There are numerous advantages to becoming a part of our community:

  1. You'll become a distinguished member of an exclusive group of speakers, gaining recognition both on streaming TV and online.

  2. You'll receive personal recognition in our monthly newsletter, where we showcase two speakers each month. (Please note that initially, we're only accepting 24 speakers into our community.)

  3. You'll have your own dedicated page featured on our Bee TV website, which receives 1,000 weekly visitors.

  4. Your profile will be actively promoted through our new LIFE Speakers' podcast channel, where you'll have the opportunity to be interviewed by our host.

  5. You'll retain 70% of your booking fees, as long as you maintain your quarterly subscription.

  6. When BEE TV sponsors an event or webinar, we'll provide you with a chance to speak and build a portfolio that enhances your appeal to potential clients.

  7. Upon approval of your LIFE video, a 5-minute introduction and explanation of your chosen topic, you'll be featured on our Streaming TV Channel. Your video will be easily discoverable thanks to keywords and your name.

  8. Once we secure a client, we will negotiate higher fees and more favorable terms on your behalf.

  9. We will encourage you to establish a "celebrity" presence through our trainings, Podcast platform, book writing, and social media lessons.

  10. We will be working with you one-on-one.  Your success is our success.

We help events, conferences, corporations, and churches find knowledgeable, relatable speakers who go beyond facts, aiming to educate and inspire.

How to Join

It's easy to join.

1. Subscribe.  (Quarterly payments. $199.00)

2. Complete form including your topics, bio, photo.

3. Within 30 days, submit your LIFE video.  We will already have your Profile page up by then and we will love to start streaming your LIFE video as soon as possible.


Join BEE TV Inc. as a LIFE Speaker.  Bee TV is an international streaming TV network owned and operated by professionals with a history in television production, product development, event management, podcasting, and professional speaking.
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