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Looking for a real tangible way to  connect with others each week
over movies? 

Outdoor Movie

Each week we'll premier a NEW film (short, animation, documentary, comedy, series, indie get it) on Bee TV network.  But, this is the cool part:

You'll get a chance to see it first with the MOVIE BUFF SOCIETY as it premiers, then jump on a zoom call together and talk about it!  

Not only will you get to meet other movie buffs (shall we say critics!) like yourself, but you'll learn about some really great flixs out in the world of indie fillm-making that you would have never seen without joining the MOVIE BUFF SOCIETY.

So, join us today and watch movie premiers (you might even end up on the big screen streaming your critique to the world!)

Hey!  And once you join, you can host your own watch party and join us as a group to chat about it.  TOO MUCH FUN!  #fun #group #movienight #beetvflix

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