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GALLERY offers an engaging look into the lives of art gallery owners, their collaborations with collectors, their cultivation of talent, and their dedication to community support.

Your Journey is our Inspiration!

$3950 (launch show pricing)

Contact us to request a payment plan.

Imagine being featured in your very own TV segment where you can tell your story and attract a whole new bunch of customers and art enthusiasts. Opportunities like this don't come knocking every day, so consider this your exclusive invite to step into the spotlight and connect with your dream audience.

Here's what you get:

  • Your Own Segment: Picture yourself sharing your story in a 4-6 minute segment seamlessly integrated into the show alongside top artists and celebrity collectors, giving you some serious exposure.

  • We Come to You: Forget about worrying about production logistics. Our skilled camera crew and producers will come to you, making sure everything looks and sounds top-notch.

  • Use Your Segment: Once it's all said and done, you'll get your segment as a standalone video ready to share on your website and socials, spreading the word far and wide.

  • Local and International Reach: We'll market your segment locally in your area on mobile, desktop, and OTT platforms, to help you drive more local leads to your business. And internationally, the special will air on the Bee TV Network, reaching viewers worldwide.

  • Exclusive Opportunity: With only 6-8 spots available for the launch show and a total of 24 spots available for the season, this is a pretty big deal. If you received our email, you're already on our radar as a top-tier gallery.

  • Celebrity Connections: We love to add a bit of star power to the mix. Expect some famous faces who are passionate about the art scene to make appearances, adding an extra layer of excitement. 

  • Engaging Hosts: Our main show host, Scott Forrest of Scott Forrest Fine Art Studio, is a Gallerist, a talented artist and a charismatic  host who brings fun and engagement to every episode keeping viewers hooked.

  • Ready, Set, Go: Sign up to secure your spot, and we'll get you hooked up with a producer to plan out your shoot and script (shouldn't take more than 30 days).

  • Save the Date: August 5, 2024, is when the magic happens. That's when this special is set to hit the airwaves, putting your gallery front and center for the world to see. (Plus, you'll be invited to a digital launch party with a surprise from us.)

Don't let this golden opportunity pass you by. The show is fun, informative and most of all entertaining and inspirational. So, don't you deserve the spotlight? We're here to make sure you shine. Your Journey is our Inspiration!


Contact us directly if you still have questions but remember we are accepting only 6-8 Gallerist in our launch show.  



Phone: 213-691-1727 

Ask for Producer, Vikki Wells

Main website:

Streaming App: Bee TV Network

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