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Hi Influencers!


You’ve made your mark on the top social and internet platforms, but what about STREAMING TV?  We’re talking about Apple TV, Android TV, FireTV and Roku! This new frontier is powered by the big guys – Disney +, Netflix, Hulu, Pluto, Sling, Fubo and Crackle.   

Listen to this.

1. Streaming TV is the next BIG disruptive force. That’s why YouTube has YouTube TV.  (It’s Streaming TV platform set aside for viewers to watch live TV from major broadcast and popular cable networks.)

2.  It’s about dollars and cents. By 2027, streaming TV will be worth upwards of $180 billion. Everyone is streaming NOW.

3. That’s why PewDiePie signed an exclusive live-streaming deal with YouTube (TV) as he said “as another way to connect with fans.”

  • What if you could start your own streaming channel without the high ticket expenses and hassle of development?

  • What if in a week you could be up and running – connecting with fans and gaining new ones.

  • What if you started NOW like in the first years of YouTube and Instagram. (Remember, first come, first success!)

  • AND What if you could make money doing it?


Well, we here at BEE TV Inc. Network are building a streaming network that allows you to reach the same audience as Netflix and Hulu. We are TV for and By The Generations. And partnering with us allows you to stream immediately. Periodt!

Option 1 requires a Fan Base of Followers or Subscribers of 500K+, but Options 2 and 3 are open to anyone.
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