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Sharing the Stage


What's a LIFE Speaker?

A LIFE Speaker is a Influencer and Professional who imparts positivity and inspiration to enrich the lives of those they engage with. They excel in delivering content that is both motivating and educational, drawing upon their wealth of experience and expertise to communicate effectively and empower others to reach their full potential.

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Life Speakers is an agency committed to empowering individuals in all facets of their lives.

As a LIFE Speaker, you receive:

  • A Profile Page (see example)

  • Makeover checklist (read below)

  • Video edited to match our style

  • Specific targeted lists of event planners

  • Our promotion and personal calls to planners 

  • Meeting Planners Meet & Greet Sessions 

  • 70 perfect of bookings generated through our efforts


You'll get an

Influencer Makeover

Plus, you'll be a part of a group of speakers who are sincere about speaking LIFE into the lives of others.


How to Join?

It's easy to join.

1. Subscribe.  (Quarterly payments. $199.00)  

2. Complete form including your topics, bio, photo.

3. Within 30 days, submit your LIFE video.  We will already have your Profile page up by then and we will love to start streaming your LIFE video as soon as possible.

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Meet Our New LIFE Speakers

Join LIFE Speakers and also get the chance to see your presentation broadcast* to 300 Million homes throughout 50 countries.

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*Subject to approval.
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