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Your Own Pilot & Sizzle Reel

Perfect Timing!

The major Streamers are Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO Max, Starz, SPN, Peacock, Paramount Plus and Apple TV Plus. However, did you know that there are nearly 500 Streaming TV channels to PITCH your TV show or movie to ranging for big names like OWN to newcomers like Bee TV (had to plug us!) 

With this growing channel surge, you have more opportunities than anytime in history to see your own show on TV reaching over 300 million users across Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Google TV. 

Why should you have a

Pilot or Sizzle video to Pitch?

If you were a known Hollywood producer, it would be easy.  Right? But, since you are not a known producer, director or famous actor, you have to leverage your concept so that a known producer or agent will consider your concept as legitimate and pitch it (with you and for you).  Plus, you can copyright works but not ideas.  A video will help you garner interest, gain a pitch producer and keep your idea safe!

How we help?


Cooking show

Talk show

Game show

Travel show

Reality show

Educational show

Comedy show

We've got you covered!!! From concept to finished product.

*If you want a completed show from opening-to-close, then there maybe an extra cost if we can't get it shot in a day.  But, let's chat! My email is below.


We'll work with you to formalize the idea into a show that you'll be proud to say it is mine.


We'll help you craft the concept into a storyboarc and/or script to materialize your vision.


We'll work with you to pursue your location, actors (if required) and other pre-production items.  


We'll produce and edit both products into professional videos to get your show greenlight.  

Clips of TV Show Pilots produced by Bee TV Inc.

Sizzle Reel of Talk Show format.

Two Important Video Pitch Reels

Dates & Location


Production Dates:   Choose 2-dates between June 20 - July 10

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Cost Pilot (only):  $6500

Cost Sizzel Reel (only): $4500

Combined: $11,000

1/2 Down Payment:  Use Code 50%DOWNPAYMENT


Offer ends soon!!!

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