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"Artist" by Film Director, Andrej Krasavin

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"Artist" is a captivating piece within the "About People and About War" series, created and directed by Andrej Krasavin from ARTEL Film Production. This artistic masterpiece conveys the idea that everyone faces their own personal battles in war. But, it's up to artist and entertainers to heal, comfort, and provide hope where hope seems unattainable.



Everyone has their own war - even theatrical artists. Only instead of weapons they have emotions, and they fight not with enemy troops, but with pain, fear and sadness. - Andrej Krasavin


Pavel - an artist - comes to the ward of seriously wounded soldiers, where, among other things, an unfamiliar girl lies. He decides to make a performance just for her. From now on, this story is no longer about war, but about bright hope, miracle and love.

Sometimes only something spiritual can save the physical. - Andrej Krasavin



Andrej Krasavin - Born December 4, 1963. In 1985 he graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. He acted in the Leningrad Youth Theater until 1989 when he began his directorial debut.

About people and about war debuted in 2021 as a series.

A independent director, filmmaker, writer, and actor,
Andrej Krasavin

Other works:

wife (mini-series 2018)

Kisses Bridge (2016) My stranger child (2016) Eclipse (TV series 2016) New Year's dad (2015) Native blood (2013) Sofa for a single man (2012) Petrovich (2012) Highway Patrol 10 (TV series 2011)Prodigal Children (TV series, 2009) I am not me (mini-series 2008) Year of the goldfish (2007) Streets of Broken Lights 7 (TV series 2005)



Entertainers possess a remarkable ability to leverage their talents in aiding individuals to navigate the harrowing experiences of war. From comedians who use humor as a salve for wounded spirits to documentarians who reveal the stark realities of conflict, their works serve as a beacon of hope and understanding. Through their performances and narratives, these artists shed light on what truly matters amidst the chaos of war: human kindness, love, and, above all, the pursuit of lasting peace. In doing so, they inspire resilience and unity, offering a glimmer of solace in the darkest of times.


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