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The Usher We Know & Love (Super Bowl 2024 Halftime)

"They said I wouldn't make it, they said I wouldn't be here today, but I am," proclaimed Usher.

In a triumphant declaration at the outset of his vibrant performance, Usher defied doubters who once questioned his journey, proudly acknowledging his presence and paying tribute to his mother.

Fans spanning from his hits like "My Way" to "U Make Me Wanna" couldn't help but share in the jubilation of this moment.

Watch Full Halftime on the NFL YouTube Channel.

Entering the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Usher carried with him a legacy that spans nearly three decades, marked by a resurgence in cultural relevance in recent years. The show kicked off with "Caught Up," channeling the glitzy ambiance of Las Vegas, complete with a plethora of background performers, including feather-adorned dancers, acrobats, and stilt walkers.

What ensued was a whirlwind journey through his extensive catalog, albeit at times feeling rushed - snippets of "Superstar" and "Nice and Slow" whizzing by. The medley hit its stride when Usher slowed the pace, allowing the audience to savor his smooth choreography and bask in the melodies, exemplified by the classic ballad "U Got It Bad." This was a moment of pure magic, accentuated by his shirtless performance, soulful vocals, and a stunning guitar solo by H.E.R.

As expected, Usher's notable collaborators made appearances, adding to the spectacle. Alicia Keys showcased snippets of her solo hit "If I Ain't Got You" and their duet "My Boo," while Jermaine Dupri joined for "Confessions (Part II)" and Will.I.Am for "OMG." The grand finale featured Lil Jon and Ludacris for the undeniable anthem "Yeah."

Usher's Super Bowl Halftime show solidified his place in R&B history, a testament to his enduring legacy and influence.


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