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See Your Brand Shine On The Big Screen

Streaming TV has quickly become the home to a growing and actively engaged audience. They’re a generation of viewers who pay a lot of attention to what they’re watching—watching twice as many hours of content each day. And as a small business, you are a brand—and when you think like a big brand, you can optimize your campaign for similar success.  With Bee TV and it's partnerships, you can get a high-quality video ad produced and showcase it on our Bee TV Network +  many other streaming platforms like Hulu and Lifetime.

Ready to start Streaming Your Ad?

Don't have a commercial? No problem. We got you!


#1. Contact Restaurants, Boutiques and Home Buildings to INVITE them to have us professionally create their ad-story to air on the INSTYLE CHANNELS.


  1. You will call and email them to INVITE them to apply.

  2. Once they accept, apply and are confirmed with their down-payment, you are Paid.

$100 per $570 down-payment and $250 per payment in full.

Upon 10th sale, bonus of $250.



  1. A Marketing Producer will contact you to go over your profile and start to craft your story for the video shoot.

  2. We’ll set up a time that’s convenient for you to shoot. The shoot will be 1-hour so preparation must happen prior to the team coming out.

  3. Once we shoot your video, then the editing process will take about 2 weeks.

  4. We’ll send you both the long and short version of the final video + an audio version in case you want to do on your own some radio advertising.

  5. We’ll place your segment within our show and start airing it on Bee TV.