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A Message From the CEO of Bee TV Network

A Message From the CEO of Bee TV Network

Experience inspiration with BEE TV | Art & Film Television. We offer a platform where independent producers, artists, photographers, painters, dancers, singers, actors, designers, and filmmakers illuminate streaming TV. In an era where streaming TV has evolved into the primary source of entertainment since 2020, securing airtime for independents has become increasingly challenging. However, Bee TV bridges this gap, providing a vital opportunity for exposure. As part of the streaming landscape alongside Hulu, Sling, and Netflix, we reach nearly 2 billion viewers worldwide. Our platform showcases compelling content that celebrates the artist within and shares it with the global audience. Join us on this journey as we evolve from curation to production and beyond, shaping the future of streaming entertainment.


Welcome to the next big streaming platform – welcome to BEE TV.


- Vikki Wells, CEO

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