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ArtMags is an extension of Bee TV | Art & Film Television. Annually, we spotlight The Most Influential Artists across various genres. In our launch issue, we'll feature Art100: 100 contemporary, modern and fine art artists with new inspirational works since 2020. Some will also be showcased on our network and INSPIRED! podcast. The digital magazine includes direct contact links for easy connection as well as videos and audio links for a deeper drive into the world of each artist.

Our creative team is actively seeking artists with recent works for our launch issue. If you think you should be among our inaugural artists, submit your profile here. It's free.

In addition, submissions are open for the 2024 editions of Photography:100, Design:100, Fashion:100,  Dance:100, and Entertainment:100.

ArtMags is a collection of specialty digital magazines highlighting artist in various genres including the fine arts, visual arts and performance arts fields. 

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